United States & Canada

Austin, Texas Lead by Juan Gonzalez and Lotus Carroll

Chicago, Illinois Lead by Dan Braun

Dallas Fort Worth. Lead by Christi Nielsen

Edmonton, Canada Lead by Dawn Sulyma Smith

Fort Collins, Colorado Lead by Julieanna Crynolyn

Honolulu, Hawaii Lead by Meagan Corlin Brogan

Kansas City, Missouri Lead by Mark Hungate

Los Angeles Lead by Dave Dinwiddie

Monterey – Santa Cruz Lead by George KriegerMargo Krieger for Monterey and Jon KahnDavid Polzine for Santa Cruz

New York City Lead by Richard Miller and DeShaun Craddock

Palm Springs, CA Lead by Andrea Naylor

Philadelphia Lead by D. Travis NorthJeremy Albright and Rachael Switalski

Portland, Maine Lead by Mike Cempa

Portland, Oregon Lead by Wick Sakit and Michael Galassi

Providence, Rhode Island Lead by Bob Dansereau and Ed King

Richmond, Virginia Lead by Cambria McCue

San Antonio, Texas Lead by Jackie B. Anderson

San Francisco Lead by Michael BonocoreTony Eckersley and Casey McCallister

Santa Barbara, California Lead by Devon Bell

San Diego, California Lead by Seth Meyerowitz

Seattle, Washington Lead by Jacob Lucas

Toronto, Canada Lead by Vincent McMillen

Vancouver, Canada Lead by Kate Siobhan Havercroft and Maryanne Wirkkanen


Berlin, Germany Lead by F.A. Fiebig and Ina Gat

Canberra, Australia Lead by Martin Ollman

Radés, Tunisia Lead by Mohamed Amine Harazi

Seoul, South Korea Lead by Benzii Lee

Stuttgart, Germany Lead by Dirk Müller

Sydney, Australia Lead by Ana Andrés

Tokyo, Japan Lead by Holger Feroudj




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