Drink and Click™ is a twice-a-month event for Austin photographers. We start the evening, usually at a bar or restaurant, and proceed to make our way around a part of town while taking photos and competing in monthly photography challenges. We provide Social Media Marketing to business by providing reviews, recommending your place on different social platforms and providing your business with some top notch images. Drink and Click started here in Austin, TX but has started picking up traction on a number of social networking sites. In the past month, we’ve expanded and started new chapters across the United States (with a couple of international chapters as well). Currently we’re in the
following cities, and still growing:

Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas

Drink and Click™ San Francisco

Drink and Click™ L.A

Drink and Click™ Columbus, Ohio

Drink and Click™ Toronto, Canada

Drink and Click™ Washington D.C.

Drink and Click™ Tokyo, Japan

Drink and Click™ San Antonio, Texas

Drink and Click™ New York City

Drink and Click™ Sydney, Australia

Drink and Click™ Santa Barbara, California

Drink and Click™ The Netherlands

Drink and Click™ Casper,Wyoming

Drink and Click™ Canberra, Australia

Drink and Click™ Forth Collins, Colorado

Drink and Click™ Vancouver, Canada

Drink and Click™ Isle of Wight, UK

Drink and Click™ Berlin, Germany

Drink and Click™ Edmonton, Canada

Drink and Click™ Chicago, Illinois

Drink and Click™ Indianapolis

Drink and Click™ Lubbock, Texas

Drink and Click™ Tucson, Arizona

Drink and Click™ Gothenburg, Sweden

Between all of the Drink and Click Austin members, we have well over 3.5 million followers on Google+, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Facebook. Our Austin, Texas gatherings are bringing together 20 to 42 photographers and it keeps growing.


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